GOOD MONSTERS is an independent media label that publishes investment grade research and provides creative intelligence for strategic marketing leaders at the intersection of culture and technology. We operate as a distributed strategy firm, design studio, and publisher rethinking the art and business of marketing. Our business is to create knowledge products, but what we seek, and hope to gain, is wisdom. While much of our client work is confidential, we do publish open-source media like documents, podcasts, reports, and a newsletter so that everyone can benefit from our analysis—mostly on the evolving nature of culture and technology. Specifically how new media technologies reshape the socio-economics of designing, producing, distributing, and marketing cultural products.





We provide research, consulting, and creative advisory services to brand leaders at the intersection of culture, entertainment, and technology. Not to reproduce an institution, but to bridge the gaps between business and brand strategy. Our organization is dedicated to equipping individuals, companies, brands, governments, institutions, and investors with the knowledge to better understand our new world, communicate their brand, and create enduring IP in the digital economy. Much of "strategy" today is about how-to-do X, but what-to-do is increasingly becoming the central challenge of management. Similarly, trend forecaster can identify things that are going on, but not why it's happening. It is our mission and belief that a true understanding of the world leads to better strategic outcomes. GM’s research and advisory services informs a wide range of applications across brand, product, innovation, editorial, marketing, and communications—often serving a hybrid role between a strategic thought partner and creative council. You can reach out to us about new project inquiries or collaborations at hi@goodmonstersinc.com.